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A Holiday Show Like No Other

A Holiday Show Like No Other!
December 22 - 30, 2023
The Diplomat Beach Resort
Great Hall Theatre

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A Holiday Show Like No Other!

A Holiday Show Like No Other - Tickets On Sale NOW!

December 22-30, 2023 | The Diplomat Beach Resort
3555 S. Ocean Drive, Hollywood, FL 33019

The razzle dazzle of Broadway meets the tinsel and glamour of Hollywood at the exclusive residency and premier of POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance at the Diplomat Beach Resort, Hollywood, FL. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience December 22 through 30, 2023 by Broadway Director and Cirque Dreams Founder Neil Goldberg.

Adapted from the 9-time award-winning book and 7-time Telly Award holiday film, POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance takes audiences on an exhilarating journey alongside three best friends who master music, magic, and circus skills for the holiday season at a secret university before sharing their talents with the world.

Ticket holders attending the live-action holiday cirque show will first enter the POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance IMMERSIVE UNIVERSE. This unique interactive holiday wonderland is an enchanting world of dazzling lights, remarkable decorations, festive treats, and characters from the storybook.

Upon entering the Great Hall Theatre, guests will be surrounded by the book’s illustrations in a 360° video mapping experience, highlighting the live-action theatrical stage spectacle in the round. An international cast of 30 astonishing acrobats, magicians, singers, dancers, and enchanting characters mesmerize with over 200 breathtaking costumes to an original musical score. Aerial acts, gravity-defying circus performances, spellbinding magic and disappearances, skating, cycling and show-stopping Broadway-style production make this entertainment destination and show the perfect holiday gift with an unforgettable grand appearance by Santa Claus himself.

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Fun Facts About The Show

Show Inspiration

The POMP SNOW & CIRQUEumstance live show is inspired by the 9-time international award-winning book and 7 time Telly award winning holiday film.
The Cast

A cast of 30+ artists from 8 countries bring over 500 years of professional training and experience to the stage. They’ve previously been featured in the Olympics, Guinness Book of World Records, America's Got Talent, cirque shows and on the most famous stages throughout the world.
The Story

The show begins with the arrival of the holiday season. The Sprites are at their Secret University clamoring with last minute holiday preparations until best friends, POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance arrive - but they’re late, delaying operations.
The Costumes

Over 200+ costumes are worn throughout each show, adorned with 150,000 rhinestones and sequins, constructed from 140 different fabrics; printed, hand painted and acquired throughout the world. Every costume is tailor-made at Dream Studios, Pompano Beach Florida by designers and technicians from Ukraine, Netherlands, El Salvador, Trinidad & Tobago, and the U.S. 50,000 yards of trims embellish the costume collection with 5,000 appliqués, novelty’s, toys and gadgets adding whimsy to the holiday storybook characters. The largest costume in the show is “Snow Flurry,” which stands 8ft tall, 10ft in diameter, weighs 40 pounds supported by an aluminum frame on wheels.
The Wigs

All 60 handcrafted wigs worn in the show are created from 1,000 rolls of imported foam that are heated, molded and shaped to form each Sprites hairstyle. Once fashioned, the wig collection is coated with over 125lbs of glitter and remains flexible, sturdy and lightweight. Each wig takes on average 160 hours to construct.
The Music

There are 15 original songs in the show. For 2 years the score has been in development by a team of Broadway composers. The songs and lyrics capture the story’s heart and daring artistry, integrating driving, compelling and catchy tunes with a joyful holiday splendor.
The Immersive Setting

Inside the theatre, video projection mapping is used to surround the audience within the pages of the storybook while the live action show unfolds centerstage. Over 132,000 lumens of projection brings 18 illustrations, images and animation to life at every show. It takes 60 hours to develop 6 seconds of animation and up to 130 hours to hand draw a single illustration.

The Adventures of

Experience an exciting and magical Holiday story with three best friends POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance as they study and learn special music, magic & circus skills at a secret university. After graduation and diplomas from Santa, they share their talents and gifts throughout the universe so everyone’s Holiday celebrations are filled with spectacle and joy.

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The Storyteller - Neil Goldberg

The Storyteller

Neil Goldberg

Neil Goldberg is a Broadway director, theatre producer, creative visionary and emerging new author whose name is synonymous with quality, engaging family entertainment & content.  He has been leading & revolutionizing the worlds entertainment landscape for over 3 decades with highly imaginative contemporary circus arts, theatrical & immersive experiences....

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The Reviews Are In!

A beautiful book that let’s your imagination run wild.

Johanna Gomez NBC TV

This book is filled with diversity, wonder and uplifting lessons.

Lauren Pastrana CBS TV

I’ve been teaching for over 25 years and have never seen such an amazing response to a story. Every child should read this book.

Margaret Arcoraci 2nd Grade Teacher - Providence School System, RI

A new holiday classic and Christmas kids book with timeless messages recommended for any age.

Melissa Foxx iHeart Radio

As an adult reading this book, I can say it’s first class, amazingly illustrated and an incredibly creative story parents should look at.

The David Webb Show SiriusXM Patriot Ch. 125

A unique, delightful and whimsically illustrated book.

MouseSteps.com Orlando, FL

A great new family tradition for the holiday’s, bringing the world of live theatre into storytelling with fantastical illustrations.

Jason Harper FOX TV

This book is a perfect addition to our Bob Hope Legacy Reading Programs and libraries.

Jessica Robertson Program Manager - USO

We believe that play heals– and the beauty and fun of this story takes it to a whole new level. This book is a true gift.

Caitlin Stella CEO of Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

This book is literacy alive!

Alisa Lo Ray 5th Grade Teacher - Park Ridge Elementary School, FL

We gave books as gifts to clients, families and those in need of an uplifting holiday story & beautiful coffee table book. A stunning new classic!

Todd Battaglia CEO - MG&A Wealth

Highly recommend. It’s a joy to read and teaches important lessons with vibrant illustrations.

Julia Porter 1st Grade Teacher - Columbus, OH

As a former book store owner, I commend the incomparable illustrations & unforgettable story. This book empowers kids to make positive choices.

Andrea Hill Founder - Second Edition Book Shop

Brilliant! Stunningly beautiful illustrations of music, magic, circus and snow weaved into a storyline that encourages youth to humbly share their gifts and talents with others. A true masterpiece and treat for the Holidays!

Michelle Shirley CEO - Be Strong International

This book provides an excellent reminder of what is important in life, as well as to persevere when times get tough.

Fairfax County Times VA

The children and adults at our holiday celebrations were captivated by the book, characters and fantastical story.

Patrick Shavolske CEO - Bonnet House Museum & Gardens

A fun and engaging story and adventure that Santa read to hundreds of children this season as a highlight of our Winterfest traditions.

Dawn Diehl Event Director - Winterfest, Inc

This delightful holiday tale shares valuable life lessons in a fantastical, fun, upbeat way. Our children enjoyed it immensely.

Malena Mendez President and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward

My K to 4 students learning English as a second language stayed entirely engaged and are excited about more stories to come.

Paula Hayes Sandhill-Venable Elementary School, Asheville, NC

A joyful rhyming picture book and magical story of imagination, education and fantasy.

Jillayne Kernell Kindergarten Teacher, FL

Our students in grades 3 to 5 were mesmerized by the book, characters and lessons. It’s positive messages and role models are inspirational.

Intern Principal Samantha Whitehead Park Ridge Elementary School, FL

The colors, illustrations and characters are amazing. A great gift and bedtime story for the youth we serve on campus and throughout the community.

Catherine Amico Orlandini Villa of Hope, Rochester, NY

Great for social, emotional and academic growth.

Principal Tauri Eligon Walker Elementary School, FL

This tale of three friends who grow to learn the real use of their magic powers is more fun than a sleigh ride. My new favorite storytime book for the holidays!

Hensley Roberts Librarian, GA

Students are begging to read it over and over again.

Cherie Marchi Elementary School Educator, PA

AFE is proud to bring this to our service members and their families.

Ms. Fabrizia Bresil Armed Forces Entertainment Chief

Our young performers incredible experience with this story will forever change their lives and careers. Inspirational and motivational.

Suzy Stone Hip Hop Kidz Inc., FL

Laced with lessons of selflessness and humanity, this book is an immersive explosion of light and love that wraps our children with the true message of the holiday season!

Tiffani Dhooge President/CEO, Children’s Harbor

This book helps children explore their imaginations while supporting our mission to unleash every child’s limitless potential. Highly recommended!

Dr. Lindsey Bragg , PT, DPT, Founder - Jump Start Physical Therapy & Training

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